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Fault Finding

Leave electrical fault finding to experienced and licensed electricians
Platform Electrical in Melbourne have the qualifications , techniques and equipment to find and solve any electrical issue. When your home or business experiences power supply issues , it could be one of many major problems. It’s critical that you call a licensed A-grade electrician to investigate and find the fault.

Testing and Tagging

Our A- Grade electricians provide a professional test and tag service that includes a full electrical assessment of all your appliances. If any electrical faults are identified , they can be rectified immediately . All Platform electrical repairs come with a 2-year workmanship warranty and certificate of electrical safety.

Three Phase Power

3 Phase power solutions for your home and workplace
Platform Electrical can carry out a professional 3 phase power installation for your home or workplace. Every installation Is carried out with the proper time and attention to detail required for such a vital electrical service. With this specialised power installation, your building will be able to generate and supply enough power to keep all appliances running at the same time.

Light Installation

Light installation services for the home and workplace
Improved lighting can transform the look and feel of any bedroom, office, kitchen or showroom. Platform electricians can carry out a lighting installation service to improve the lighting conditions of your room.

Our experienced electricians will carefully assess your room to identify the correct amount of lighting fixtures and wiring will be installed to conform with the current Australian Industry Standards.

Phone and Internet

Phone & Internet technicians Melbourne
Platfom Electrical is Melbourne’s first choice when a certified A-grade electrician is needed for phone line installation. P.E can install new and upgrade existing phone and internet lines, for residential, industrial and commercial premises.

We also carry out maintenance works, fault finding and attend to emergency call-outs.

Custom Solar Panel System

Based on your energy usage and home (including roof type, size and shading), Platform Electrical experts help customers design a solar system that best suits your budget. A standard solar installation includes panels and an inverter – with the option of adding a battery to store excess energy.

Contact us to find out what best suits your property.

Intelligent Lighting

Installations for intelligent lighting systems
Our A-grade electrician’s have allot of experience in designing, installing and delivering intelligent lighting solutions, they are experts in installing custom lighting setups. Our lighting systems can provide a more convenient and energy-efficient solution to your lighting needs.

Speak to us today on how we can setup the best suited for your home, office or warehouse.

Switchboards & Metering
Installation of all switchboard and metering for residential and commercial.

We Are Professional Electrical Contractors